Rules & Regulations
- The students must have worn the school uniform as prescribed by school.
- If the student is in out dressed, s/he is not permitted to enter inside the school.
- Students must maintain discipline, regularity, punctuality and hygiene.
- Students must speak English language inside the school premises.
- Students aren't allowed to bring mobile, expensive ornaments and huge amount of money inside school premises.
- No students are allowed to bring any outside unconcerned people inside the school premises.
- Students are reminded to address their teachers and all the members of the staff with due respect and politeness.
- No student is allowed to leave the school or hostel premises without the prior permission of the concerned authority.
- During the absence of the teacher from the class, the monitor discharges responsibility for the order and discipline in the classroom.

SLC Batch

  • 1st Batch S.L.C. 2064
  • 2nd Batch S.L.C. 2065
  • 3rd Batch S.L.C. 2066
  • 4th Batch S.L.C. 2067
  • 5th Batch S.L.C. 2068
  • 6th Batch S.L.C. 2069
  • 7th Batch S.L.C. 2070
  • 8th Batch S.L.C. ....
  • 9th Batch S.L.C. ....
  • SLC Topper