Principal Message

We are a world with our uniqueness and features. We impart quality education, every facility possible, necessary care and guidance to ensure the overall personal development of a student. We provide such an environment in which every individual discovers and realizes his full potential so that the students are helped to attain the highest academic standards. Apart from the academic subjects, the school lays on different extracurricular activities including sports, debates and quizzes, dance and music, and so on. Through the combined academic and extracurricular activities, we prepare our students to develop into a complete person.

Juna Gurung.

SLC Batch

  • 1st Batch S.L.C. 2064
  • 2nd Batch S.L.C. 2065
  • 3rd Batch S.L.C. 2066
  • 4th Batch S.L.C. 2067
  • 5th Batch S.L.C. 2068
  • 6th Batch S.L.C. 2069
  • 7th Batch S.L.C. 2070
  • 8th Batch S.L.C. ....
  • 9th Batch S.L.C. ....
  • SLC Topper