Founder Message

We teach learning as a never-ending process and make students realize that there are thousands of avenues to learn if one wills to learn something more in life. We make our students feel thirsty towards knowledge and lead them to academic excellence. Additionally, we are a unique institution set up to impart high quality education to children, grooming them to be distinguished scholars. The highly motivated teaching staffs instill in the students a sound academic foundation and essential human values. We are dedicated to spreading the light of education to every individual possible in every way. Founder

T. Gurung

SLC Batch

  • 1st Batch S.L.C. 2064
  • 2nd Batch S.L.C. 2065
  • 3rd Batch S.L.C. 2066
  • 4th Batch S.L.C. 2067
  • 5th Batch S.L.C. 2068
  • 6th Batch S.L.C. 2069
  • 7th Batch S.L.C. 2070
  • 8th Batch S.L.C. ....
  • 9th Batch S.L.C. ....
  • SLC Topper